34th Anniversary!

Reel T Fishing Charters on the Out of Seits USCG Captain Trevor Seits

Contact Captain Trevor at:



Avalon, NJ

Fishing Options:
    ⁃    4 hour dock lights fishing
    ⁃    4 hour day back bay fishing
    ⁃    2 hour cruise
    ⁃    6-8 hour ocean charters
    ⁃    1-3 passengers for fishing
    ⁃    6 passengers for cruising

Things to remember:
    ⁃    Bring snacks & water
    ⁃    Take Dramamine or Bonine the night before & the morning of the ocean fishing trip
    ⁃    Bring a hat and or face shield
    ⁃    Bring lotion sunscreen (Please no spray sunscreen)
    ⁃    Fishing gear and bait are included
    ⁃    Ice is included
    ⁃    Filleting of fish at the dock is included in the price

​Pricing- $100/hour